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Hellenic Duty Free Shops SA, Board of Directors

  1. 1. Julian Diaz Gonzalez, as Vice-Chairman
  2. 2. Georgios Velentzas, as Managing Director
  3. 3. Jose Antonio Gea Puig, as Member

Julián Díaz González

Education: Degree in business administration from Universidad Pontificia Comillas I.C.A.D.E de Madrid.

Professional Background: 1989 – 1993 General Manager at TNT Leisure SA. 1993 – 1997 Division Director at Aldeasa. 1997 – 2000 Various managerial and business positions at Aeroboutiques de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and Deor, S.A. de C.V. 2000 – 2003 General Manager of Latinoamericana Duty-Free, S.A. de C.V. Since 2004 Chief Executive Officer at Dufry AG.

Current Board Mandates: Dufry AG, Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentacion, S.A. (DIA)

George Velentzas

Education: Business Administration at Athens University of Business, Law at Law Athens University and MBA.

Professional Background: Since 2013, the year of the acquisition of the company by Dufry AG holds the position of CEO. The period the company was managed by FF Group managing Mr. Velentzas covered the position of the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and General Manager. In the past, while the company was owned by the public sector and during the first years of privatization he held the positions of Deputy General Manager and CFO of the company. Since the establishment of Hellenic Distributions SA Mr. Velentzas is the CEO of the company. Mr. Velentzas has been named as Quality Leader for 2011, a major business accolade.

Current Board Mandates: Dufry AG, Hellenic Distributions SA

José Antonio Gea

 Education: Degree in economics and business sciences from Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros.

Professional Background: Since 2004 Global Chief Operating Officer at Dufry AG, 1995 – 2003 Various managerial positions at Aldeasa. Left Aldeasa as its Director of Operations, 1989 – 1995 Various positions at TNT Express Espana, SA. Director of its Blue Cow Division (1993 – 1995). 

Current Board Mandates: Dufry AG

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