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What exactly is Hellenic Duty Free Shops?

The company operates stores at all exits of Greece. Only travelers have the right to proceed to purchases. Established in 1979 with two stores (both in the old International Airport of Athens) now operates 115 stores in 46 spots (22 airports, 11 border, 13 ports) all over Greece and through its subsidiary Hellenic Distributions, it operates 26 shops in the vessels of ANEK and Attica ship companies. Company’s main goal is to provide passengers with the best travel shopping experience. It offers well known and authentic products at absolutely competitive prices, which are always first in the preferences of both Greek and foreign tourists.
Every year it serves 8 million passengers and this number increases, throughout the years. More and more travelers choose Hellenic Duty Free Shops for their purchases.
Hellenic Duty Free Shops employs 1.959 employees, most of which are residents of the regions where stores operate, areas with high unemployment rate.
Hellenic Duty Free Shops hold, until 2048, the exclusive right of duty-free sales in Greece.
Since 2013, the company Hellenic Duty Free Shops SA a subsidiary of Dufry Group, which integrated it to a giant global travel retail.
Hellenic Duty Free Shops have, until 2048, the exclusive right of selling Duty Free products in Greece.

What kind of products can I find in the Hellenic Duty Free Shops?

Hellenic Duty Free Shops offer a wide collection of Perfumes and Cosmetics, Alcohol, Tobacco, Chocolate, Greek Traditional Products, Luxury Items, Clothing, Souvenir, Accessories, Sunglasses, Travel Items, Electronics, Greek and we have representation of International Famous Brands like Follie - Follie, Links of London, Juicy Couture, Ermenegildo Zegna, UGG, Michael Kors, Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ferragamo, Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories, Armani Jeans, Boggi, Korres, Mastiha Shop, Swatch, etc.

Do I earn miles with purchases through pre-ordering?

The members of Miles+Bonus of Aegean have the right to earn or redeem miles.
If you have any questions or if you wish to make a change to your preorder, you could contact Customer Service: e-mail: info@dutyfreeshops.gr. Τ: 210 3531271.

Which are the contact details in case of need?

Τ: (+30) 210 3531271, 210 6269400 E-mail: info@dutyfreeshops.gr

Is there any limit in preordering of items?

There is no limit of the preorder list. The same implies for liquid products (more info here). Limitations are set by destination country or transit countries’ legislation. The traveler should address customs office; ask sales personnel or send an e-mail to info@dutyfreeshops.gr in order to make sure that quantities wishes to buy are permitted to be imported in the country of final destination.

Where do I receive the order?

At Hellenic Duty Free Shops’ tills where you will be kindly requested to present your boarding pass. More info of the spots can be found here: … and in the confirmation e-mail that you will receive shortly after submitting the preorder form.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Preorder should be made 3 days before departure. The preorder is made online through webpage: www.dutyfreeshops.gr. For the purchasing of items you will be kindly requested to present your boarding pass.
Special promotions or discounts are not included in prices presented in www.dutyfreeshops.gr. The company holds the right to prices change. The price of the products is the one that is valid the day of purchase. In case that an item is not available, our staff will contact you (by email or by telephone) in order to notify you.
Changes are made with the presentation of the proof of payment and only if the product is in perfect condition. 

Are products authentic?

Products are 100% authentic. Hellenic Duty Free Shops are supplied directly from the Designer Houses and the suppliers, without intermediaries or representatives. By that quality, authenticity and price competitiveness are guaranteed.

Can I make Duty Free Purchases today?

Hellenic Duty Free Shops continue to offer products in low, competitive prices. Whichever the traveler’s destination the prices of products are the same (tobacco products are excluded). This means that travelers visiting a city in Greece or in the E.U. buy products at same prices with travelers visiting a third country (tobacco products are excluded). Hellenic Duty Free Shops absorb taxes and offer all products in prices as being Duty Free. Travelers to third countries can purchase duty free tobacco products.

Which is the reason to buy at Hellenic Duty Free Shops?

You will discover products available exclusively at Duty Free Shops. The price of products is the same despite the traveler‘s destination (tobacco products are excluded). You could purchase liquid products without limitations in quantities. More info is provided to the next question.
Alcohol products are available in bigger bottles (1lt) than the ones available in local market.
You win by offers and promotions that are implemented. You live the most amazing shopping experience!

Why stores are named still Duty Free, since cannot all customers purchase Duty Free products?

Hellenic Duty Free Shops is the official name of the company. Those who travel to third country destinations (non EU) are eligible to Duty Free purchases. For those travelling within Greece or E.U. the price of products is including all legal taxes.

What can I find in the Duty Free Shops that I can’t find in the local market?

At Hellenic Duty Free Shops travelers will find travel exclusive products. Perfumes and Cosmetics are offers in Travel sets which are preferred as gift. Some of them are limited editions considered as collectibles. Perfumes and cosmetics in travel exclusive packages often serve frequent flyers since they are in smaller packages and in easy-to-carry cases. Chocolates and liquors Travel Exclusive special packages are also available.

Can my purchases be delivered at home?

Only travelers have the exclusive right of purchasing from Hellenic Duty Free Shops. Based on current custom legislation we are unable to deliver at home. Boarding Pass presentation is imperative for purchases.

Do you accept exchanges of products?

Exchanges of goods are permitted only at shop the original purchase was made by presenting the receipt at the cashier within 60 days from the date of purchase and only if the product is at perfect condition. For hygiene and other reasons the following items cannot be refunded or exchanged: underwear, lingerie, swimwear, earrings, in ear headphones and books.

For purchases at Discount Stores, products may only be returned within 15 days of the purchase day and only if the product is at perfect condition.

Are the packages of Spirits I find at Hellenic Duty Free Shops the same with the ones found in local market?

Spirits at Hellenic Duty Free Shops are available in bottles of 1lt, so you win by purchasing bigger quantities in lower prices.

Where can I find products prices available at Hellenic Duty Free Shops?

At company’s website: www.dutyfreeshops.gr
Also, Customer Service Department replies to messages sent at info@dutyfreeshops.gr within two days. Customer service will be happy to reply to any clarification you may have.

Can I make purchases from webpage?

No, www.dutyfreeshops.gr is not an e-shop. Only travelers have the right to proceed to purchases. If you wish you could pre-order the products you wish and collect them the day of departure

How can I make sure that a product is available at the store that I will be visiting?

You can send an email at info@dutyfreeshops.gr or contact directly the store that you are planning to visit.

Where are Hellenic Duty Free Shops located?

After the check-in point at passport control in 46 exit spots of Greece (airports, ports, borders) and at the Arrival area of Athens International Airport (AIA). More info about our stores can be found here: ….

What can I find at the stores in the Arrivals area?

You can choose from a variety of well-known perfumes & cosmetics, toys and gifts at same prices with Hellenic Duty Free Shops operate at Departures.

How much quantities have travelers the right to buy?

There are no restrictions in quantities. The same implies for liquid products Limitations are set by destination country or transit countries’ legislation.
The traveler should address the customs office; ask staff employees or send an e-mail to info@dutyfreeshops.gr in order to make sure that the quantities wishes to buy are permitted in final destination.

Can I have a hand luggage with liquid products that I bought from Hellenic Duty Free Shops?

At Hellenic Duty Free Shops you can buy liquid products with no limitation. Sales persons will package liquid products in tamper evident bags. You will have no problem at the check of the hand luggage.
Be careful: Do not open these bags and please hold the receipt until the end of your trip. If you continue your trip through a transit station you can’t open the bag and also you are required to carry the purchase receipt until your final destination. Your trip must have ended within 24 hours after the purchase. At Hellenic Duty Free Shops you can buy liquid products with no limitation. Limitations are set by destination country or transit countries’ legislation.

Where can we get VAT return from purchases made at Hellenic Duty Free Shops?

Travelers to third-country destinations are excluded from the VAT, during payment. Also, at Hellenic Duty Free Shops at Athens International Airport, travelers can get back the VAT for purchases that were made at the local market during their stay.

Is the warranty valid for electronics and luxury items?

All products are covered by the warranty that is given by the supplier (1 or 2 years) based on international law. Traveler may, during the warranty valid period, take the receipt of a purchase from Duty Free to any of the authorized stores of the supplier, for service.

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