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Terms of Use

This website, www.dutyfreeshops.gr (hereinafter “the Website”) is property of the Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A., member of Dufry AG (hereinafter “the Company”), which is seated in the Municipality of Dionysos Attica, 23rd Km., N.R. Athens-Lamia, 145 65 Ag. Stefanos.

Access to and use of the Website by the visitors - users is subject to the terms of use hereinbelow. The terms of use may be unilaterally amended, at any time, at the Company’s discretion, without prior notice to the users.

By entering and navigating the Website visitors – users are deemed to have acquired knowledge of the terms of use as they are at any given time, to have accepted same and to have waived any claim whatsoever arising from their visit to the Website.

The Website is only available for personal use of its visitors-users for informational, communication and commercial purposes. www.dutyfreeshops.gr is a commercial website offering easy and fast access to the services and products of the Company and providing information in relation to promotional activities organized by it.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Save as to the exceptions expressly mentioned hereinbelow (intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, associates and bodies), all the content of the Website, including indicatively the information, data, trade names, trademarks, logos, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts etc., as well as all of the digital files in general, constitutes intellectual and industrial property of the Company and is protected by the relative provisions of Greek and European law as well as of international conventions. Misleading the public in any way as to the rightful owner of the content of the Website is prohibited. Appearance of the above content on the Website cannot be perceived in any way as transfer or granting of license or right to use any of the above material.

Permission is granted to download the Website’s data, to send it to other users and to print material that is included in the Website for personal use only under the absolute requirement that no intellectual or industrial property rights are affected and no trademarks are altered, falsified or deleted. Such permission may be revoked at any time. Any other use of the material provided in the Website, including indicatively, altering, copying, falsifying, dubbing, configuring, reproducing, distributing, transferring, selling, republishing or uploading, without the prior written permission of the Company or of any other lawful holder of the relative intellectual property rights, is forbidden. Furthermore, any kind of use of any information (as a whole, partially or in summary form) provided in the Website by any manner or means, including transmitting the information to the Web or making the information available on the Web in any way without the Company’s prior written permission is forbidden.

Other products or services mentioned in the Website, bearing trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, associates, bodies, associations or publications, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property, protected by the relative applicable legal provisions and therefore they bear the relative responsibility.

Information Provided by Users

Suggestions and ideas which come to the possession of the Company through the Website with visitors’ – users’ consent, can be used by the Company in any way. Visitors - users who provide said information, suggestions or ideas voluntarily waive any rights to their use or to compensation thereof.

Information and Services Provided - Product Availability

The Company tries to ensure that all information provided in the electronic pages of the Website is accurate and reliable. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee that such information is whole and complete, nor the absence of possible mistakes or errors, particularly in view its large volume. On these lines, it cannot ensure that the products featured on the Website are constantly available in all the shops of the Company's network.

It is noted that the description and photos of products are only indicative.

The Company retains the right to add, amend and/or remove at any time any item and/or information included in the Website, as well as to temporarily or permanently discontinue part or all of its services without any notice and at its absolute discretion.

Function of the Pre-Ordering Service

The pre-ordering of products through the Website is a service provided by the Company for the facilitation of its customers and does not constitute a binding transaction. It is available to all passengers travelling from Athens International Airport. The confirmation of the relative transaction and the payment for the purchase of the pre-ordered products is made when collecting them from the designated collection points of the Athens International Airport.

All pre-orders must take place within a time period of one (1) month up to 24 hours before the date and time of the departure flight of the users – interested customers. Pre-orders made outside this time period will not be accepted. In case a pre-order cannot take place for this reason, such products may be added to the Wish List in order for their pre-order to take place at a later date.

Following the pre-order through the Website, users – interested customers will receive an email confirming receipt of such and notifying the relative pre-order number which the users – interested customers are requested to provide in all communications with the Company relating thereto. It is noted that the above email confirming the relative pre-order, does not constitute acceptance of such pre-order on behalf of the Company, nor conclusion of a relative contract by the Company.

Within seven (7) days of receiving the above email confirming receipt of the pre-order by the Company, users – interested customers will receive a second email from the Company informing as to the availability or not of the products of the pre-order and if such have been reserved for them. Said second email will also indicate the date from which the users – interested customers may collect the pre-ordered products as well as the collection point of the Athens International Airport where they will be reserved. 

Users – interested customers are requested to make sure that they have fully and accurately completed the requested details before submitting the pre-order request. When effecting the pre-order some details in relation to the users’ – interested customers' departure flight are also requested, such as the flight number and the final destination. Users – interested customers are requested to make sure that those details are correct, given that they will be used in order to determine the date and time of collection of the products. If users – interested customers realize that they have provided incorrect information or wish to change their pre-order before receiving the second email in relation to the availability and the reservation of the products, they may log in to their account on the Website and effect the relative change. Change of the pre-order can be effected any time up to receiving the above second email from the Company. If they have already received the relative second email of the Company they must cancel the pre-order and make a new one, or contact the Customer Services Department of the Company as soon as possible.

None of the above emails sent from the Company to users – interested customers in relation to their pre-order constitutes a binding sale/purchase agreement. The contract between the customer and the Company is concluded by the payment and collection of the products at the relative collection point of the Athens International Airport, when property on the pre-ordered products is also transferred.

Users – interested customers may cancel their pre-order at any time. The Company also reserves the right to cancel part or all of the pre-order at any time and for any reason, in which case it will try to promptly inform users – interested customers.

In order to ensure availability of products at the stores of the Company, as well as compliance with applicable laws, there may be restrictions on the amount of products that may be pre-ordered, in which case this will be made clear on the Website. 

When users – interested customers arrive to collect the products at the designated collection point, the Company reserves the right to limit the amount of particular pre-ordered products or to cancel the pre-order if the products are not available at the time of collection. The Company will not be held responsible in the event the pre-ordered products are not available or cannot be purchased at the date set for collection thereof.

The pre-order will be canceled and the products will be returned to the store for general sale if they are not collected within 24 hours of the date determined in the abovementioned second email of the Company in relation to the pre-order.

Restrictions on Products

In relation to some of the products sold by the Company, such as alcoholic beverages, there may be age limitations for purchase and for this reason users – interested customers must confirm that they meet the required age criteria when pre-ordering them through the Website. At the point of collection of such products proof of age of the purchaser may be requested 

Every sale of products by the Company takes place pursuant to the applicable legislation. In order for the sale, payment and collection of the pre-ordered products to take place, a valid boarding card must be presented, otherwise the pre-order will be cancelled and there will be no ability to purchase the products. The Company reserves the right to refuse to sell products that are not available for purchase at the destination shown on the boarding pass.

If for any reason the users – interested costumers cannot get through airport security in the departure area the Company will be unable to fulfill the pre-order and therefore it will be cancelled. Pursuant to applicable legislation, the Company cannot deliver products outside of the departure area of the airport and therefore the products can only be collected at the designated collection points.

Product Prices

The Company has the right to change the prices of its products at any time, however, with the below exception of incorrect pricing, the price changes will not affect and will not apply on pre-orders which have been confirmed by a second email from the Company.

The Company makes every effort in order for the prices of the products shown on the Website to be accurate and up to date. Due to the great deal of products and notwithstanding the efforts of the Company, there is a chance that some products on the Website show the wrong price. If the Company discovers a price error on products which have been pre-ordered, it will try to contact the users – interested customers in writing using the contact details they have provided and to offer them the option to continue with the pre-order of such products at the correct price or to cancel it. There will be no reservation of products until there has been relative confirmation by the users – interested customers. If the Company cannot get in touch with the users – interested customers using the contact detail they have provided, the Company will deem the pre-order cancelled and notify thereof in writing. If the price error is obvious and easily detectable, the Company is not obligated to offer such product in the incorrect (lesser) price even if said price error has not been discovered by the Company up to users’ – interested customers’ arrival to the designated collection point to purchase and collect the pre-ordered products.

The pre-ordering service guarantees users – interested customer the best purchase price on the Company’s products. If, on the date of collection of the pre-ordered products there is a special promotional offer or a discount on one or more of them at the Company’s store, users – interested customer will be charged the lesser between the price shown on the second email in relation to the confirmation of the pre-order and the price of the promotional offer or discount at the store of the Company for their purchase. This applies only for products which have been pre-ordered.

Payment for Pre-ordered Products

Users – interested customers are under no obligation to purchase the products that they have pre-ordered through the Website and may cancel their pre-order at any time. They can also opt to substitute the pre-ordered products with other products that are available in the store of the Company at the Athens International Airport. The prices of these latter products will be the ones shown in the store at the time. Users – interested customers can cancel their order through their account on the Website before their departure date or inform a member of the staff of the Company at the collection point.

The Company accepts payment in various currencies. If users – interested customers wish to pay in any currency other that Euro (€) the currency conversion rate determined by the Company at the date of sale and delivery of the products will apply. It is noted that in case of payment by debit or credit card the card provider may charge a conversion rate. The exchange rates shown on the Website are indicative and therefore may differ from the rate applied at the store pursuant to the sale conditions of the Company.

Exchanges and Refunds

The Company provides to its customers the ability to return a product they have purchased, within 30 days as from the day of its purchase, in its original condition and packaging, accompanied by the purchase receipt. The product being returned must not have been worn, altered in any way, or washed and all its original tags have to be attached. A product may be exchanged only with products of equal or higher value in which case the customer must pay the price difference. Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages may not be returned.

The customer has the right to request the exchange, replacement or refund for any defective product within 30 days as from the day of its purchase, provided that the product is intact (including all accessories, tags and initial packaging) and is accompanied by the purchase receipt. In case customers wish a money refund, they should contact the Customer Service Department of the Company.

Limitation of liability

The Company will not be liable for negligence, but only for direct damage proved to be caused by intent or gross negligence on its behalf. Without prejudice to the above:

 The Company takes all appropriate measures in order to ensure the unhindered operation of Website and the safety of the data entered into the Website, nevertheless it cannot guarantee that the operation or the content of the Website will not present disruptions or errors or that the Website or its server will not contain viruses or other harmful components. 

In no case will the Company be held liable for any damage which visitors - users or third parties might suffer from a cause relating to the operation or not and/or the use of the Website and/or any failure to provide services and/or information provided therein and/or any unauthorized third-party interference with services and/or information provided through it (indicatively for example, damage caused by illegal acts of third parties such as decoding of passwords and data, transmission of viruses during the use of the Website or downloading of materials contained therein, interceptions, problems that may occur during the use of computers such as loss of data etc.) 

Any reference and/or link to any other website is provided for the facilitation of the users of the Website and the Company is not responsible for the contents, the products and the services provided in these websites, nor for the protection of the personal data of visitors – users provided therefrom.

The Company does not bear any liability in any event for communication of the users with third parties that may be presented or promoted through the Website and for any transaction that may arise between them.

Visitors’ – Users’ Liability

The use of the Website must take place for lawful purposes only. The visitors – users agree and undertake to not use the information, the data and the services of the Website for:

  1. 1 - sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content that is illegal for any reason, causes illegal damage to the Company or any third party or violates the confidentiality or the secrecy of information of any person;
  2. 2 - sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content causing violation of morality, social values, minors etc.;
  3. 3 - sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content the users do not have a right to transmit pursuant to the law or the applicable contracts (such as inside information or confidential information obtained or disclosed in the context of employment relations or covered by confidentiality agreements);
  4. 4 - sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content violating any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual or other property rights of third parties of any kind;
  5. 5 - sending, publishing, sending by email or transmitting in other ways any content containing software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed with the purpose of disrupting, causing damage, destroying or equipping the operation of any software or computer material;
  6. 6 - violation of the applicable legislation or provisions;
  7. 7 - harassment of third parties in any way;
  8. 8 - collection or storage of personal data in relation to other users.

Visitors – users guarantee that the details submitted on the Website are complete, correct and accurate and that the use of the Website takes place pursuant to law and morality. Any use contrary to the above, other than any criminal or civil penalties, brings about the discontinuation of the provided services without any notification.

The users are exclusively responsible for all the actions carried out under their personal password and their account in general and agree to notify the Company immediately in relation to any unauthorized use of their account and/or possible security breach. Furthermore, the users are exclusively liable for the diligent use of their account and for logging out of their account at the end of each use.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The present terms and use of the Website are governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Athens shall be exclusively competent for the resolution of any dispute arising from the use of the present website or in connection with the construction and implementation of these terms.

General Terms

Any nullity or voidability of any term hereof does not entail the nullity or voidability of the remaining terms.

Non-exercise of the rights deriving from these terms by the Company does not imply waiver of these rights.

The use of this website by visitors - users is at their own responsibility and risk. The contents of this website do not constitute and may not, in any circumstance, be construed as provision of advice, exhortation or as a direct or indirect inducement of the users to proceed to any act or omission.

In case users do not accept all of the terms of use set out herein they are invited to refrain from using this website.

We need your permission to obtain browsing statistic data in this website. If you continue browsing we consider you accepted the use of cookies our privacy policy and our terms and conditions